• Name of the game – Changes.
  • Genre – Sandbox RPG.
  • Setting genre – Alternative history fantasy. Lore .
  • Start of development – March, 2016.
  • Release – As soon as possible. However, we are constantly trying to release demo versions. Our progress? About 40% of an alpha version. Read more about development on Indiedb .
  • Multiplayer – Yes. It is mainly the online game with a support of 50-100 players online.
  • Roleplay system – It is based on leveling (up to 20 level for now), stats (strength, agility, constitution, intelligence, creativity, will), perks (character receive perk every level and he make his own class based on a perk path), traits, personality traits (alignment; specified when creating character and defines main questline for a character).
  • Epic/heroic fantasy? – It will be only available only for the very developed characters. By default you start as an ordinary inhabitant. And it is beautiful.
  • Peacuful/War/PvE/PvP? – In Changes your character is not a Jack of all trades. Peaceful activities are as important as battle skills. Your character can be a perfect magician or a perfect warrior or a perfect alchemist but he cannot can not be good in everything. That's why your village should have a hardworking blacksmith.
  • Hardcore or easy? – Balanced. Yes, in Changes you are able to lose your character forever if he fails too much. But you don't need to spend hours on grinding or be online 16 hours a day to protect your house.

Planned features

  • Mythical creatures – Yes.
  • Magic – Yes.
  • Artifacts – Yes.
  • Factions/Guilds/Families – Yes.
  • Seizure of the territories – Yes.
  • Building/destroying/decoratingYes. Implemented.
  • ProfessionsYes, including brewing. Partly implemented.
  • Big world, quests, explorationYes. Partly implemented.
  • Creating characterYes. You are able to customize name, appearance, personality trait, age, nationality, religion of a character. Also you are able to distribute basic stats. Implemented.
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