Changes is a game about playing the role

Quite often after watching some movie about the journey of heroes in the fantasy world or reading a book about the Middle Ages, you want to be there, feel its atmosphere. To feel the caressing breaths of the wind sweeping through the valley. To smell the sour smell of beer coming from the tavern. To hear a funny story from a reveler-a man passing by, but decided to share rumors about brave but clumsy dwarves, lost in the nearest forests.

Changes is created for those who want to fulfill this desire. The game is about an original fantasy world. The player is present in it as his character. The essence of the game is that it provides a mechanic, close to the real state of affairs in this world. Forget everything that you are used to in RPGs. There is no classes, branches of development, builds. Here the map is not divided into zones for characters of different levels of development. There are no artificial places, like battlefields and isolated dungeons with bosses. There is no farmer Bob, who every day asks every traveler to save his daughter. Although she was rescued a thousand times already.

The game world here is the way it should be, only a miniature one. The development of the character happens in the way it would happen, except at an accelerated pace. Finally, the character lives the way he would have lived, if this world was real. Together with the characters of other players.

Our promo page describes conception very well.

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