Our promo page describes conception very well.

Immersion is the purpose of Changes.

Changes is an online roleplaying game. It is a fusion of roleplay, survival, sandbox and strategy genres. It is about fantasy medieval Europe with an alternative course of history in 867, 50 years after the Gods War, which changed the reality and brought magic to our world.

But it is not an average modern MMO or online RPG. Moreover, it uses a completely different approach. Here you don’t necessarily need to farm to become successful. Getting the best gear is not the main goal. We develop Changes to revive the most important part of roleplay in computer RPGs. We make a game where players create realistic believable ecosystem which provide immersion.

Changes is mostly inspired by Garry’s Mod roleplaying mods like DarkRP and Half-Life 2 RP; WoW RP servers; GTA V RP servers; various tabletop games like D&D. But we went further. We decided to automate roleplay process. Voice chat; a lot of gestures like dancing, talking, sleeping, working; culture and religion systems which allow build realistic social structures between characters; building, faction and territorial systems allows to create villages, cities, kingdoms and sophisticated relationships between them.

In other words, Changes is a next step in roleplaying.

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