We are constantly looking for enthusiasts who want to create a RPG of the new generation.

1. You should love roleplaying games and the idea that you are able to create innovative game!
2. You should like what you are doing and ready to spend some time.
3. Some experience in your field. We produce high-quality game so you need a little experience to develop the game with us.

We are looking for amateurs and pros:

  1. 2D artist — concept arts;
  2. 2D artist — UI (icons for abilities, perks and other stuff).
  3. 3D artists — what you are interested in from this list: medieval buildings; interior objects (like chairs, tables, cupboards etc); world objects; fantasy objects; clothes (using MakeHuman technology); animals & creatures; animation.
  4. Java and OpenGL programmers — working with the main code; serverside; shaders and graphics (including various filters);
  5. Text content editor to work with text including game by itself, articles.
  6. Community manager. A person who is ready to work with community and promote game.
  7. Something you are good at and/or willing to do… We need interested people.

We use Java and jMonkeyEngine 3.2 with some custom things as the game engine. Blender is used to work with 3D but other toolsets are also acceptable.

Unfortunately it becomes payable only when the game begins to generate revenue and the salary will depend on the contribution. But it is very good choice if you are looking for a prospective challenging project and planning to make a good portfolio.

Contact: anton.starastin@gmail.com in a free form with a description of yourself.

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